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The journey to becoming a mediator and instructor began when I moved to Alaska.  I was inspired by the great State and its people to go back to school and earn a degree in a field where I could be the most helpful.  After a year of law school, I decided my efforts could be better served in a program where I can be more of a peace builder.  I applied for a Masters program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University and was accepted.  I loved learning about conflict resolution and after graduating, opened a mediation practice, applied for a court contract and began working with parties who wanted to resolve their very deep and embedded dispute but had a limited time with a court-provided mediator.  Because I am a problem solver by nature; when I noticed that the most of the participants had a tough time with the process or needed a lot more time with a mediator because they were not communicating at a point where mediation could be beneficial to them.

I began working with the best in the field to develop a class designed to help participants understand the dispute and how to manage it better.  The class and the response it has received, then, inspired me to apply for a doctoral program in Florida where I am today, earning my Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution.  However, I have not forgotten about my friends in Alaska.  After moving to Florida, I received dozens of requests for the class I once taught while living in Alaska so I developed an online classroom derived from the live class I taught.  It has been condensed and does not have the two "Between Two Homes" parts connected; although, I am working on developing those into an online classroom as well.  My goal is to reach more people struggling with highly emotional disputes with high conflict people.  Once the foundation is there, I can add more classes to expand understanding and knowledge.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, the services I offer and the new classroom.


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